6 Secrets to Running Faster from a Pro

We all want to be faster!…

And I’m sure you can imagine how you would feel after running your personal best at your next race.

So what’s stopping us???

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to cover in this article.

Where you’ll learn 5 secrets to running faster that you can start using today.

1. Run Faster More Frequently

At face value, running faster more frequently sort of sounds obvious…

BUT what most runners are missing is at least a fast workout every week.

If you can make one of your workouts a week a fast run or better yet, a speed workout, then this will help improve your pace.

For those of you already doing one speed workout or fast run per week, you may want to add a second.

For your second run to be most effective, have that run be about 1-2 days apart.

Yes!.. Your legs might be tired for that second fast run.

BUT as any running coach will tell you, that is a component of what makes you progress.

Running on tired legs is not always wrong. In many cases, it can and does improve your speed.

Additionally, by only having 1-2 days between those fast runs, you allow for maximum recovery days before you start over for the next week.

Having enough recovery is also vital to improving.

2. Run Paced Runs

One of the most successful things I’ve done to make me faster is setting a fast target pace that I had to hit for all of my runs.

A long slow run, makes a long slow runner.

That’s something my dad use to tell me, and it still holds true.

Plan out a pace for each of your runs.

Make a target pace and try to keep at that pace.

You can even employ a friend or family member to do a few runs a week with you by having them bike beside you at your desired pace for that run.

You can get some fantastic results with this!!…

For example, using this bike pacing method, I’ve managed to run a PR for a 10K with only a 3-4 weeks training period.

But again, just like running faster more often, you should practice this in moderation. You want to make sure you’re getting enough rest between hard fast runs.

3. Eating Foods That Make You Fast

I’m sure you know that eating right can play a big factor in how well you perform.

So what should you be eating to get faster?…

There is a lot of science out there and much controversy on the subject.

So I’m not going to give you the technical mumbo jumbo, but instead actual things I’ve found that work for me and others who have tried them.

That list of foods include:

  • Wild salmon – good fats and protein
  • Bone broth – good source of minerals
  • Coconut oil – good fats
  • Beetroot – rich in vitamins
  • Spinach – another rich source of vitamins

4. Get Enough Sleep

This is so important and to be honest, I was severely lacking in this department at one point in time, which can make you appear not to be as fast as you actually are.

I think it’s effortless for us to overlook how much sleep we need as athletes.

Most people can function on a relatively low number of hours of sleep, but you have to remember we’re not most people.

We ARE athletes and as such are already putting strains on our bodies that most people don’t have.

That being the case, you DO need more sleep than the average person.

The hard, faster, more mileage you do, the more sleep you’re going to need.

I would recommend at a minimum at least 7-8 hours.

And if you’re doing higher mileage or many fast runs, you should be getting 8-9 hours a night.

5. Get the Right Mindset

This is probably the MOST important thing on this list.

With the right mindset, you can overcome almost all deficiencies or mistakes you make in training.

And mindset doesn’t just mean you think it once and forget it.

NO, it’s something you instill each and every day.

To help reinforce the right mindset you should be writing down your running goals every day.

And mentally before embarking on every run you should be going over what your goals are, what are you doing this run, and how does it contribute to your overall goal.

Additionally, it’s just as important to keep motivated.

That may mean different things to different people.

Some people that might mean listening to certain types of music while they run.

And others, it could be running with a group or friends.

Or even as simple as reading a few inspirational quotes now and then.

But the key is to keep feeding yourself positive information and remaining focused on your goal(s).

6. Do Strength Training

I find most runners kind of skip over strength training and are so focused on mileage that they don’t think about how the other parts of their body can be improved to help them get faster.

Strength training has been an effective tool that I’ve used to assist me in running some of my fastest times.

But there are a lot of misconceptions about how to weight lift, especially when it comes to strength training for runners.

That being such a prevalent problem, I’ve created a free course on weight training for runners.

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