Do you want to have better running form?…

Better form means faster times, fewer injuries, and less effort to run.

When you’re nearing the end of a run do you ever feel tired and sluggish?…

Having better form can help with that!

In my latest video, I’ll give you 3 big secrets to better running form.

So let’s dive into it…

  1. Having Better Posture
    A lot of people focus on form running exercises. And if you’re not familiar with those, they’re basically exercises you can do that will train you to have better form. And they sort of get your muscles and body use to making certain motions which lead to better form.

    The thing is, those are great and good to do, but the problem is most people don’t do what comes before form running exercises, which is having better posture.

    Be that sitting, standing, or even walking posture. Having better posture, in general, will translate into better running form.

    Having better posture is a secret to effectively and quickly getting better running form.

  2. Right Shoes For You
    Your shoes play a big part in how well your form is. If your shoes are wrong, it will throw your form off and can lead to an injury.

    Most of us have gone to a shoe store who assess and tell us what shoes to wear. The problem is not all shoe stores do a proper assessment.

    Many of them use treadmills to assess your running form, but that’s inaccurate. When running on a treadmill the treadmill floor/ground moves which is not what happens when you run.

    You, therefore, are not using all the same muscles as compared to when you run.

    Also, your leg extension (stride) can be different on a treadmill due to the available length of the treadmill.

    It’s best to do an assessment when you’ve been running for a while and have someone film you then in action on the street, track, or grass. That would be the ideal way to assess you.

    That is kind of hard to do at a running store, so they tend to use a treadmill, which is kinds of okay.

    But you should be aware that if you feel any aches or pains in the first week or two after getting a new pair of shoes.

    That would be an immediate indication to me that those shoes may not be the right shoes for you.

    If you feel any of that, you should not be afraid to take those shoes back and get a new pair.

    Again the wrong shoes can lead to poor form, which can lead to injuries.

  3. Work On Form When Tired
    One of the biggest things you can do to improve your form is to concentrate on it when you’re tired.

    So whether that is when your coming to the end of a long run, or in a speed workout, when you’re feeling tired you should think about making sure you concentrate on your form.

    When your feeling most laxed is when you should be concentrating most on your form. Because that is when your likely to have poor form.

    This will, later on, translate to having better form in a normal run and when you are tired.

So hopefully 3 secrets will help you have better for, stay injury free, get faster times, and enjoy running more.

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